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Starring in Your Own Rock Star

August 14, 2009
The Original Rock Star on Display at The Getty Through August 16, 2009

The Original Rock Star on Display at The Getty Through August 16, 2009

He came from nothing. He was the original rock star. I’m pretty sure the lyre he played was electric. As for women, wasn’t that a spy cam he used to have a lustful look at Bathsheba as she bathed?

Before there was The King of Pop or The King, there was King David.

When I was talking about him with my know-it-all-friend, Clive, he insisted that I had my Davids confused. He was not familiar with the David who was a peeper and a celebrated musician and composer. He said the only David he knew went Rambo with a sling on a giant named Goliath.

I had to explain to him that they were the same person. And it’s that whole Shepherd to Sinner, with a capital S thing, that made King David wildly popular during the Middle Ages when it was believed that he penned The Psalms.

The conversation was prompted by my visit to a show at the Getty Museum, through August 16th, called Temptation and Salvation: the Psalms of King David.

It features lavish lapis lazuli and gold-leaf illustrations of The Psalms from Medieval Times.
The drawings spotlight King David’s short-comings, including putting Bathseba’s husband on the front lines of a war so he would die. Today he would be charged with conspiracy and murder.  What a violent way to get the girl.And can you imagine the field day bloggers would have with the story.

Is anything that you’ve done  that’s so bad?

The display at the Getty shows that it’s possible to rise again, even after a steep fall from grace.

A story as relevant and inspiring today as it was back in the Medieval day.

Hear the audio version here.

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