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Finding The Good in Balloon Boy Backlash

October 19, 2009


Balloon Boy’s family may have tried to deceive us, but there was nothing fake about the concern strangers around the world had a for the  little six-year-old they thought was in danger.

Work places were stilled.

My facebook page was filled with status reports that showed real care.

It may have been a hoax but the prayers were 100 percent genuine.

That’s the Starring in Your Own Life Lesson I got from The Adventures of Balloon Boy.

The news is filled with so many stories of man’s inhumanity to man and too often I see evidence of it in my own life.  That’s why I’m always looking for heroes.

I found them in the millions of people who wanted nothing but the safe return of Falcon Henne.

The blogosphere has expressed concern that the next time a child is missing, the Balloon Boy incident will slow the reaction time of law enforcement.

That would be a crime, but based on all the police I’ve met as a reporter, that’s unlikely.

Balloon backlash is more likely to be compassion fatigue; the chilling of our hearts the next time there is news of a child imperiled.

If we let that happen, the hoaxer wins.

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