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SuperNozizwe Says:Where To Eat Out in San Diego This Thanksgiving

November 15, 2009

Super Nozizwe

One of her superpowers is bringing out the inner bling in others.


Dear Super Nozizwe,  What is a good place to eat for the holidays beginning with upcoming Thanksgiving in San Diego or nearby, such as North County or the Beach community?  We need a change of venue.

May consider Christmas as well.  However, I may join my daughter and grandchildren and family in Orlando for Christmas.

One of my daughters locally is a vegan, and I’m a vegetarian.  My youngest will just be coming back from Morocco, and is a veggie as well.  Your help is appreciated.  I’m still looking forward to us getting together for a meal as well.  Be Blessed!

Stymied in San Diego

Super Nozizwe says:

Me too and blessings backatcha!

Let’s start off with a little story.

Most Thanksgivings my Mother cooks, although I’ve thrown down and made the whole cranberry-filled enchilada myself several times. However, last Thanksgiving my family decided to eat out.

We opted for a place in Del Mar, but once we got a look at the spread, we unanimously decided to bounce. Never feel obliged to spend your money if you are less than enthusiastic about the prospect.

We called around and settled on the holiday buffet at Loews in Coronado. It was worth every extra mile.

Whenever I go to Coronado I always feel as if I’m going to another country. It  reminds me of the Loews in Monte Carlo ( known as the Fairmont).  In both dining rooms you’ll have a clear view of the water.

There’s plenty for vegetarians and vegans. Veggie sushi anyone? You’ll also find a robust salad bar and a spread of vegetables. There’s also a children’s buffet. The restaurant usually serves vegan pasta—but it’s not clear yet if that dish will be part of the holiday menu.

Save room for the dessert bar which your lovely hostess, Brittney, tells me is her favorite. Be sure to say hello to her.

In the spirit of Bring The Bling to Your Plate Month, take a walk after your meal. Our tradition is to go to Hotel del Coronado to see all the  Christmas decorations.

I suggest you drive there from Loews and  walk around the grounds. Although the tree lighting ceremony is not until December 2, the tree will be up at the del along with a, get this, ice skating rink. If you want to get your Kristen Yamaguchi on you can rent skates for five bucks.

Happy Meals to You

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