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Week Three of Bring The Bling to Your Plate Month

November 15, 2009

Goal: To lose 2″ around my waist by year’s end.

Progress: I’ve lost about 1/4″ in two weeks.

Method: Going for the glow in the foods I eat and my workouts.

Diet Plan: Eating what I love, with care. I do happen to love spinach, tomatoes and eggplant. I also also happen to dig pizza, brownies and apricot cake and  made all of them the last couple of weeks.


I’ve also been shopping at the farmers’ market. One of my favorite pursuits.

I’ve also gone rogue. I could not resist some King’s Hawaiian bread on sale. So I had it. And then cut back on other not so nutritional options. Going for the glow has meant finding a balance.

Exercise Plan: My main workout has been walking. I’ve been walk at least three miles a day, at least five days a week. It’s a no impact way to fitness and you never know what you’ll see on the road. I saw Nicky Hilton tottering uneasily on stiletto booties a couple of days ago. It took a minute to realize who she was and she passed by before I could get a shot from the front.

And no, I’m not aiming to get that thin.


I’ve also had a couple of sessions of spinning, which I love. For a tweak, I’m going to increase my spin sessions to three times a week. It shreds calories and makes me feel powerful.

When putting these principles together, at your request Anabel, I went crazy writing out all the information and sources. I have so much more that I’ll share on the blog. So much,  I could write another book. Hummmmm.

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