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Meh Meal: Studio City

December 14, 2009

Two Christians and a Jew walk into a deli. This is not a joke. It’s partly how I spent my weekend.

It was a delight to be invited out to a deli to celebrate Hanukkah this past weekend. The get together was the idea of a Christian who was raised to be very open to other faiths.

A couple of years ago I was invited to a Seder in Santa Monica. That’s a feast that celebrates the beginning of Passover.

Well, I wish I’d passed over Art’s Deli.

Ambiance and Menu

While there were menorah decorations, there was nothing festive about my dinner. At best the food was meh. The service was worse.

I ordered the fish and chips. The good news was that the portions were large. The bad news was that the portions were large. The batter was heavy. So was the fish. I could have done better at Long John Silver’s for a third of the price.

It’s the norm to eat the chips or french fries, with malted vinegar. The waitress did not bring either ketchup or vinegar and seemed resentful the fact that I asked for vinegar.

Ditto when I asked for my empty water glass to be refilled.

The coup de grace was when we were told repeatedly to hurry it along because the restaurant was closing.

Perhaps that was behind the surly behavior of the waitress. If they want to roll like that, at least warn us upon entry.

I have no plans to return.

The other good news is that the company was tasty.


Out of five tines, I’ll give Art’s one and that’s only because my dining companions seemed to like the sandwiches they ordered.

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