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Christmas, A Car Crash and a Guardian Angel

December 28, 2009

Last year a guardian angel was looking out when I was in a serious car accident on Christmas Day.

This year I made a representation of that angel and gave it to my Mother as we celebrated Christmas this year.

Shine on.

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  1. Meg Capener permalink
    December 28, 2009 2:45 am

    Dear Lena,

    Amen to 2010!!!!!!!

    That is neat that your guardian angel was looking out for you!!!

    I know several times I was driving when I was tired, & when I woke up, I was still driving straight!!! I know it was my guardian angel. I believe we can have more than 1 also!

    When my boys & I were living in Clarkston, Utah, there was a steep hill we had to go over when we chose to take the short cut to get to my sisters, who lives in Riverside. The car was having a challenging time getting up, so I asked if my boys could offer a prayer. My son Billy, said specifically in his prayer to send angels to push the car up the hill. After he was done, we could literally feel the car being pushed! It was so cool!!!

    I hope that your Christmas was fantastic!!!

    Love, Meg

    • lenanozizwe permalink*
      December 29, 2009 11:56 am

      I hope your Christmas was fantastic as well and I’m happy your guardian angel was on duty. And thanks for stopping by.
      Shine on!


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