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Happy V-Day To You

February 14, 2010

If you are alone on Valentine’s Day that does not mean you don’t have a valentine.

Don’t be hatin’

Don’t be cryin’

Love yourself on this day.

Tonya, who I met online after she read  my book Starring in Your Own Life, told me  in an e-mail that every year she sends herself a bouquet for V-day.

She says it’s still a surprise because she never knows exactly what the florist is going to put together.

Other tips:

  • Instead of waiting to get something for Valentine’s, give something. It does not have to be expensive. Inventive is better.  This year I’m tricking out the top of a candy box with extra pieces of chocolates with raspberry truffle centers. The recipient told me no one had ever given him candy.
  • Call someone you know whose heart is hurting. I betcha you’ll feel better.
  • Say “Be my valentine” to your friends. You can never have too many.

I’m on my way to a V-day celebration.

Today’s Starring in Your Own Life message is don’t think of your heart being half-empty if you are alone today.

It’s just half-full.

BTW, I love hearts. I made the ones in the photo. They are hair clips.

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