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Closet Cleanse: On This Diet You Skip The Prada, Not The Pizza

July 26, 2010

On this cleanse the focus is on skipping the Prada rather than the pizza.

The dress diet is It’s part of a movement, spotlighted in the New York Times this weekend that turns rampant consumerism on its ear.

It calls on followers to do everything from not buying any clothing for a year to wearing only six outfits for a whole month.

The NYT tells the story of Stella Brennan who did the latter and her husband did not even notice.

I know a San Diego broadcaster who rented an apartment for her clothing. The thing is, I would not have known if she had not told me.

Could you do it? Go a whole month wearing only six outfits?

Just think of all the time you will save not having to accessorize.

I’m gonna do it, starting  in August.

I’ll wear only my own designs, including this frock I made earlier this year. They are all washable and they make me happy.  And they are green. I make them from remnants.

I once did a story about shopaholics. One woman would hide the hangers, that came with her clothing purchases, from her husband, not unlike the way alcoholics hide empty bottles.

So she had a “hanger over,” remarked one of my colleagues.

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