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Let The Closet Cleanse Begin

August 2, 2010

On a diet cleanse you can’t eat everything. On a closet cleanse you can’t wear everything. So no Balmain or Rodarte for me. Oh, that’s right, I don’t have Balmain or Rodarte in my wardrobe. Well that makes it easy.

The NY Times provided the impetus and I’ve had all week to think about which six outfits that I’ll be wearing for the next four weeks.

Work out, lounging and special occasion gear are exempt. Ditto jackets, sweaters and shoes.

Got it.

Every one of my outfits will be dresses. I don’t want to cleverly coordinate 100 outfits out of a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and well- positioned scarves.

I don’t want to work that hard. Isn’t that the purpose of a cleanse to simplify?

Everything I will wear will be of my own design.

I like my handmade dresses because:

  • They are washable.
  • They don’t wrinkle.
  • They are cheery.
  • They are flattering.
  • They are easy.
  • They are colorful.
  • They also happen to be green. I sew them from remnants.

The only way I will deviate from my list is if I have an uber special event.

#1 The Identity Crisis Dress.When I bought the fabric, I knew I didn’t have enough of the main fabric.  So I added some polka dot accents. A few days later, when window shopping in Beverly Hills, I saw a lot of fabric mixing. Somehow I have a feeling Dries Van Noten did not run out of fabric.

#2 The More Flounce to The Ounce Dress. I embellished this with graduated ruffles. The fabric is floral stretchy lace. It’s cheery.  It may be the dress I wear the least, but I choose it anyway.  It makes me happy.

#3 The Faux Wrap Dress. I’ve love Diane Von Furstenburg’s classic wrap dresses. I’ve worn them through the years.

I ‘ve made versions of the wrap dress too. The faux version saves on fabric. I will say that of all the dresses I’ve made I get the most compliments on this one. I’ve had requests to buy the dress. Hey, not a bad idea, considering what the wrap dress did to spark DVF’s clothing empire.

This shot is waist centric because I took it during Bring The Bling to Your Waist Month.


#4 The Lavender Lace Dress. I’ve been wearing lace for years. It used to be my go to fabric for travel before I got in so deep into knit jersey.  I love it because it’s feminine yet strong. The slip from this dress was made from recycled t-shirts that were dyed. It’s the slip I wear under the More Flounce to The Ounce Dress.

#5 and #6 I’ve not committed just yet to these two.Before month’s end I promise to set aside time to make a dress. It will likely be black lace because I always wear my black lace dresses until they are threadbare. I was once told, pointedly, that this dress is not sexy. As if that’s why I wear it. For me it’s  all about comfort. I’ll figure it out.

I misplaced the one in this photo I shot at my Ma’s place. It was constructed, or deconstructed, from a dress and blouse. It’s probably hiding in a suitcase.

Other options.

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  1. August 3, 2010 3:51 am

    Your dresses are beautiful; you are very talented! You wear bold colors and patterns so well, too!

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