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Happy Meal:A 65 Cent Lunch in Beverly Hills at Nate ‘n Al’s with a Side of Warren G?

August 18, 2010

At 65 some folks think about retiring.

In Beverly Hills, Nate ‘n Al figured it was time to celebrate its 65 years in existence by serving up breakfast and lunch for 65 cents.

I’ll bite.

I’ve only known the place as a favorite of Frank Sinatra, Lew Wasserman and Larry King. In fact I’ve seen the King a couple of times on his way there.

Frommers calls the joint  “… a little-known and low-rent hot spot for celebrity spying.”

What better time to check out the Jewish deli than during a party?

I was not alone. Locals and tourists lined up around the block, with the Beverly Hills Police Department watching to make sure everything was kosher.

A velvet rope atop a red carpet also helped in the decorum department. Only in Lala, right?

With the mercury kissing 90 degrees it was so hot that Nate ‘n Al also provided chilled water to the hungry masses on the way in, the restaurant’s own private label of course.

It seems some customers were overcome by the heat or the promise of a deal and the paramedics were called in, although that did not seem to disrupt the flow of traffic.

On The Menu

Pastrami, corned beef and turkey were the .65 lunch options. You could either get a side of potato salad and cold slaw or matzoh ball soup.

I opted for the turkey on the rye bread that’s a speciality of the house. The turkey tasted very fresh.

While I don’t want to look a gift sammie in the mouth, I’d rather put it in my mouth– but I have to say the sandwich overall was very dry. I later read  they usually come with Russian dressing. That would have made all the difference.

The fresh pickles that came with every order were a nice touch and juicy.

Pro and civilian reviewers have referred to the ball in the  matzoh ball soup as being a cloud. cumulus I would say.

I’ve never had a better bowl in my life. And this has to be perhaps my favorite food photo ever. I was inspired.

I’m glad I endured the wrath of my waitress to change my order from the potato salad to the soup.

I proffered my pleases and thank yous and when I said sorry about changing my order, she mumbled under her breath, okay maybe not even under her breath, “I’m sorry too.”

I guess I should be happy she didn’t pull a Steven Slater and throw the soup on me.

One fellow diner,after he heard her mumbling , said “Don’t leave her a tip.” I did anyway. We all have to earn a living. Although it’s much appreciated when you are of good cheer.

Everyone else I encountered was in a good mood, including other waitresses who served up hot food while they were dripping in ice.  Martin Katz loaned diamonds  for the occasion.

Amuse Bouche

I shared a booth with brothers Ben and Brian. At one point Brian said he spotted rapper Warren G in the crowd. “Warren”  told Brian that he’s about to drop an album that’s  a collabo with Snoop and Akon.

I was not so sure about his ID although workers at the deli  confirmed it as they told me  what a nice guy he is. I’m hardly an expert on rap in spite of doing a lot of stories about Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.

I can confirm that it was a fabulous and fun lunch for 65 cents, 71 with tax.

I’ll have to start saving my pennies for the 70th anniversary.

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