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A Veggie Bolillo and Four Other New Things I Made This Past Week

August 23, 2010

  1. I made a bolillo sammy. I never knew exactly what a bolillo was but when they were marked down to about 50 cents for a pack of four, I could not resist.   A bolillo is the Mexican take on a baguette. Or you could say baguettes are the French take on the bolillo.  What way you want to accent it, the bread is wonderful just toasted. It’s mo’ better stuffed with equal parts of  black beans and tomatoes along with a dash of cayenne and a tofu sausage.  You could also add one caramelized onion. I baked  the bolillo  in the oven, at 250 degrees, for 20 minutes. I added the jack cheese for the last 5 minutes of baking.  It’s enough for two, deffo,I hear bolillo has more than one meaning. For me the meaning is simply yum.
  2. My other culinary adventures were not as successful. I have always wanted to make a less fatty egg roll. So I tried boiling and baking them rather than deep frying. The only fat I used was the type that’s zero calories and comes sprayed out of a  can. Neither worked. Back to the drawing board.
  3. I tried making a broccoli tart. It was also  not so successful, but I won’t give up. broccoli is just too good for us.
  4. I bought naan from the grocery store. Again, it was marked down– to 85 cents for four pieces. I’ve always loved the Indian bread.
  5. I went to Nate ‘n Als for the first time.  The matzoh ball soup was the best ever.

What’s on your plate? Is it making you shine?

What adventure are you having in your kitchen?

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  1. August 23, 2010 7:11 pm

    The bolillo looks delicious! I’ve always loved dense, hearty, chewy breads.

    I’m the same way: I like to take recipes and attempt to “healthify” them, but I’m not always very successful. 😉

    My newest food obsession is hot sauce — who knew? It makes even the blandest foods taste like a party in the mouth. 😀

    However, gluten-free baking keeps thwarting me in the kitchen. If I can master GF scones and GF bread, then I’ll be a very happy girl. It’s slow going, though. 😀

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