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Free Cupcakes for You Today

September 15, 2010

My Homemade Groovy Grape Cupcake


What’s the best way to promote your new television show?  

Free cupcakes, of course.  

Bravo is hoping a nationwide cupcake away will prompt  audiences to develop a taste for Top Chef Just Desserts. It debuts tonight.  

Baking is my first love, so I’m so in.  

Bravo is not into full disclosure when it comes to telling you where to find all  the free cupcakes. The information is coming out, dollop by dollop. That way you’ll  be sure you follow the show’s every move on Facebook and Twitter.  

If you follow the link on the official Bravo site that’s labeled” Find out where to get a free dessert ” it leads to, well, nothing.  

I did manage to find a PDF file that lists all the giveaway locations. The list comes with a warning. I called Porto’s in Burbank, which is on the list. The person answering the phone said the bakery was absolutely not taking part in the dessert giveaway.    

When I asked her to check, she did so grudgingly. When she returned to the phone she said, “We are not giving away any desserts. We are giving away a limited number of pastries.” Okay, pastries are not dessert. Fine. She went on to say that only the Glendale Porto’s would be giving away the desserts, I mean pastries.  

The moral of this story is call first.  

What I do know is that the giveaways are now taking place in New York City.  

It seems the best hours to get your grub on are 1 p.m. through 3 p.m.  

Bakeries taking part in San Diego include Cupcakes Squared and Azucar.  Godiva is also representing in Fashion Valley, La Jolla Village Square and Horton Plaza.  

Find out more  from Bravo through Facebook or Twitter.  

And if we happen to run into each other, I’ll tuck away a free cupcake just for you. My Groovy Grape Cupcake. Cool?  


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