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How Hot Is It In SoCal?

September 28, 2010

Hotter than my  sriracha chili sauce.

It’s probably enough that SoCal is experiencing three digit temps. Yet I’m still bringing heat to my plate.

I’ve been bombarded with talk about sriracha everywhere from my favorite mall restaurants to Top Chef.

So a couple of months ago I picked up a 28 ounce bottle at my favorite restaurant supply store for $2.49. I’ve seen it go for almost twice that much at other stores.

 I’ve used the hot sauce in everything from pasta to veggies, tarts to lasagna, yes, even during this heat wave.

My verdict. The price is right. The spice is right.

Now I just need to come up with recipes to make sure I use up this big bottle that’s packed with so much heat–and health.

Some studies have shown that  hot sauce  can be good for your health. It’s always wise to check with your doctor first.

The one caveat I have about sriracha are the preservatives.  Sodium bisulfite  and xanthan gum are in the mix.

The Center for Public Interest says xanthan gum is safe and “certain people should avoid”  sodium bisulfite . Sodium bisulfite falls into the category of sulfites.  One in 100 people are allergic to sulfur-compounds.  The FDA says reactions  range from “mild to life threatening.”

What’s on your plate?Is it bringing you bling?


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