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We Can Work it Out : Physique 57 Arm & Abs

October 2, 2010

My new motto  is “Bling Without All The Ka-ching.”

Nothing makes you shine more than a good sweat.

I’ve worked out at gyms all over the world, from Paris to Portland, San Diego to Stockholm and New York to New Orleans.

It makes me happy. All those endorphins combined with adventure.

I’m so not what you would call athletic. Even so, I started working out at  just after college, from stepping to spinning,  leg warmers to yoga pants,  pumping iron to Pilates.

Alas, I stopped health clubbing  a couple of years ago.

It was the law, of diminishing returns. Not regarding my health. It was more a matter of my gym offering less and less. I love the options of going to multiple club locations. Then the most fun location was shut down. Then the club started charging more money. Finally I had to bounce.

I tried going to less expensive clubs. The facilities were dirty. The teachers would not show up for 6 a.m. classes. If I’m there for a scheduled class, the teacher better be too.

Run, never. I remember covering a convention for runners. It did not escape me that every session included talk about injuries.

“Why don’t you walk,” said my Mom. “It’s the best exercise.”

So walk I did and do.

I quite enjoy it, but the last few months I’ve been wanting more. I really miss my classes.

Then it came to me this summer. Try workout DVDs.

So for the next month, I’m going to share my  Bring The Bling to Your Workouts, Without the Ka-Ching  odyssey by exercising in the company of me.

Starting with:

Title: Physique 57 Arm & Ab Booster

Host: Shelly Knight

Time: 30 Minutes

Tagline: Sculpt your arms and cinch your waistline

Star Endorsement: Kelly Ripa or should I say Kelly Ripped-ahhh!

Music: It does not inspire but on the other hand it does not annoy. It stays in the background.

Cuing: Pretty good, although more would be appreciated. If you know you only have three more reps, it keeps you going.

Production Values: Good. The camera is in focus and where it should be.

Level: There is one exerciser who represents for beginners. You see the super fit folks in the background so there is room to grow.

Equipment: Weights, a mat and a playground ball.

Video Vibe: It’s pretty straight forward. I’m only grateful that the perk factor is dialed way down. That’s a good thing.

What It’s Like?: It’s a mixture of yoga Pilates and Callanetics. It may sound lightweight but I defy you not to sweat. It’s challenging.

There is also room to grow. You can aspire to do the more complicated moves showcased by part of the team.

7 Comments leave one →
  1. October 2, 2010 7:13 pm

    I would like to see a discusion regarding the benefits of the ab mat.

    • lenanozizwe permalink*
      October 3, 2010 5:16 am

      Ab mat? Mat work focusing on the mat. That’s coming.

  2. October 4, 2010 1:13 am

    hello!This was a really exceptional post!
    I come from roma, I was luck to seek your theme in baidu
    Also I get a lot in your topic really thank your very much i will come every day

  3. Anabelle permalink
    October 5, 2010 5:26 pm

    I will look for that DVD. I love your blog!!!

    • lenanozizwe permalink*
      October 6, 2010 2:03 pm

      I’ve really seen results–and thanks.

  4. karin permalink
    October 5, 2010 6:47 pm

    Great rant on clubs – I am on old “nautilus” user and can’t figure out the “air-powered” weight machines. No on at my club uses anything but the treadmills, elipticals, pool and tennis courts. There are great classes that even I do not always go to – why? I like to read and treadmill -hah! 40 minutes, 2 miles, 200 cals. Wnat to try the Dailey Method, a place opening nearby.

    • lenanozizwe permalink*
      October 6, 2010 2:02 pm

      Thanks. I, too, did the Nautilus thing. I had a whole circuit that I would do with the machines and free weights. What is amazing to me is that I see more results from my little hand weights and playground ball.
      I’m also starting on a variation of the Dailey Method. From what I see, all the workouts with a bar are derivatives of Lotte Berk, Callanetics and the Bar Method. It’s all good.

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