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We Can Work It Out: Get Ripped & Chiseled

October 7, 2010

An exuberant if not lovable dog plus my foot equaled an accident earlier this week.

I’ve been hobbling around the past couple of days,  but that does not mean that I’m not working it out–there’s just no jumping.

There is light lifting instead. I’ve been working out with hand weights forever.

Toning is one motivation. Another is that weight lifting  is good for your bones.

A few years ago I bought couple of light weights, three and eight pounders. They were mostly gathering dust. I was going to a fancy gym in those days.

 But now that I’m Bringing The Bling to My Workouts, Without The Ka-ching, I pulled them out from under my bed.

I’d say, after six weeks of working out, the toning thing has never been better, even when I worked out five days a week at a my health club, thanks to my DVD.

Title:  Get Ripped  & Chiseled

Hosts: Jari Love 

Time: About 60 Minutes

Tagline: Burn 100% Carbs to Get the Ultimate Lean Look

Star Endorsements:  I  could not find any through my own research. Jari is based in Canada so that may be the reason. 

Music:  Very ‘80s. After you get the moves down, you can always turn it down.

Cueing: It’sexcellent.  Just before each specific move begins,  you get a preview of:

  • What your form should be
  • How many reps are ahead
  • Recommendations on how heavy the weights should be

 Production Values: While the set  is pretty standard, the camera angles are so varied that you have no excuse not to have the proper form.

Level:  The studio is filled with work out buddies who are demo the moves at various levels. An an assortment of equipment is also featured. That’s very helpful.

Equipment: Hand weights, mat and a step. I don’t have a step. I just use the mat and while I’m not able to fully extend when it comes to some of the exercises. If I really want to get more range of movement I can get out my stability ball and use that as a makeshift bench.

Video Vibe: Jari Love looks like your favorite aerobics teacher in the ‘80s, minus the perk.  She is very straight forward when it comes to telling you what to do. Me like.

I’d say she is in her 40s and she’s uber RIPPPPPPPED, upper case. She shows that working out with weights does not mean that you bulk up. While my goal is not to be as thin as she is, I would like to be half as toned.

It is a video you can watch over and over again.

What It’s Like?:

There is a lot of repetition and a lot of squats.Right now I have to go easy on those because of my foot.  The first time I did this, I definitely felt it the next day in both my upper and lower body. That’s a good sign.

It is a video you can watch over and over again.

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