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Starring in Your Own Life Lesson: Project Runway’s Mondo Turns Being HIV Positive into Something Positive

October 29, 2010

Starring in Your Own Life Lesson

How to turn being HIV positive into something positive.

Star:  Project Runway’s Mondo Guerro

Storyline:  The tale of turning a dark secret into a colorful runway show at Fashion Week.

Location: The NYC

Conflict Point: Keeping just about everybody in the dark about his HIV positive status until Nina Garcia asked Mondo about the inspiration for a fabric print he designed.

The Turning Point: Mondo decided he had enough of living scared.

His  Star Turn:  He turned out a striking collection that honors both his family and  his Mexican heritage. When the judges complained about the hair accessories Mondo used in the collection, I knew he was paying homage to my girl Frida Kahlo. 

He should have won Project Runway.  You were robbed Mondo. But that doesn’t take away one ray of your star quality.

Starring in Your Own Life Lesson:

  • The temptation is to take a dive when you get a devastating diagnosis.  Mondo’s health has made him live life even more colorfully. Whenever you are illin’ wear something bright to cheer you up. Get your Auntie Mame on.
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    i like

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