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Five Things to Do to Make Your Dieting Guests Happy This Thanksgiving

November 19, 2010

This may be the season to gain weight, but it doesn’t have to be.

 The way I see it, the holiday season does not mean you should deny yourself. It’s also does not mean that you should gorge. Provide options for your dieting guests. Party time does not have to be synonymous with  fat and sugar.  

  1.  Have a crudités platter. That’s a fancy way of saying cut up some carrots, cucumbers, broccoli and other veggies for appetizers. Then bring them to the dinner table. It does not add any extra calories if you use cookie cutters or other wise cut them up in an artful way. Fruit also works.
  2. Make at least two hot vegetable dishes that are not drenched with fat or sugar.  These should be the easiest items on your menu because all you have to do is steam, roast or boil them and then add a bit of seasoning.
  3. Put sauces on the side. If you want to serve your potatoes with a fatty cream sauce, serve it on the side. Ditto for the turkey gravy.
  4. Offer light beverage selections, including water with a slice of lemon. You can also cut calories by mixing cranberry juice, not drink, with soda water. I like a ratio of two-thirds cranberry juice to one-third soda water. I know folks who like it 50-50. Experiment and see what you like.  It’s a festive and delicious way of cutting calories.
  5. Save calories with your baked goods. You can cut the fat in half for most cake, cookie and muffin recipes. Replace it with bananas or applesauce. In other words, instead of a cup of oil, use a 1/2 cup of oil and a 1/2 cupe of bananas. Experiment before the big day, but it’s worked every time for me.  Baked goods can be made ahead and then frozen.
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