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Dress Like a Star, Make The TSA Happy and Avoid a Pat Down

November 24, 2010

The Starring in Your Own Life motto is: It’s All About The Inner Bling

Big brooches,  belt buckles and underwire bras (guess that’s part of the inner bling thing), are part of my wardrobe repertoire–just not while I’m flying.

And keep your studded motorcycle jacket at home.  Ditto those Rodarte shoes. Although I must say I’m afraid of those shoes. Beautiful? Yes.  I  just fear they could go rogue and hurt me.

Things might be a bit more difficult if your body is studded. If you don’t want the detector to go off, you may want to remove piercings and leave them at home.

I love wear my signature flower head decor, but that’s not a fashion statement I would make when traveling by air. And the gladiator shoes stay home to fight another day, when I get back from my journeys.

For more tips on what not to wear, go to the official TSA website.

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