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For $7.01 I got Prada, Lanvin, Jean Paul Gaultier and Yummy Pastries This Black Friday. And You?

November 26, 2010

I’ve never done the early morning Black Friday thing before. So why not now?

Coffee Bean offered free coffee and pastries. Thank you.

Yet there were still people in line waiting to buy the aforementioned.

Love the videos I’ve seen for the Lanvin collection for H & M—I love me my Alber Elbaz.

Not so crazy about seeing the dresses in person today. Some looked like they would only be suitable for a ballerina who is preggers.

I did fall in love with a Jean Paul Galutier dress. It was on sale at Loehmanns, but it had two strikes against it. One, I did not get there early enough to get the $20 coupon. Plus, the dress was sheer. For the price, about $160, I insist on lining or at least a slip.

Skimming through the racks of all the stores I cruised, I noticed a lot of faux fur, ruffles, black and sparkly bits. I didn’t go into Prada. The guards would have looked askance at my combat boots. Well that and the fact that it’s not in my budget.

But perhaps my favorite find of the day, was this faithful hubby waiting patiently for his wifey.

What did I go home with? Not the JPG, not the Lanvin and best believe not anything Prada.

I left with powdered sugar dusting my chin and a ricer.

The total damage was  $7.01 thanks to my 20 percent off coupon from Bed Bath & Beyond.

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