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RIP to the den mother of Elaine’s

December 3, 2010

The  New York Times describes Elaine Kaufman as being the den mother for NY’s literary set.

Writer and reader that I am, I had to go to Elaine’s the first time I went to the NYC. I was on assignment and treated myself to lunch at the Upper East Side establishment. I didn’t see regulars Woody Allen,  Clay Felker or Gay Talese. Ditto when it comes to Mick Jagger, Willie Nelson or Michael Caine. My visit was memorable even so.

I don’t remember what I ate, because I didn’t have a digital camera then to record it,  but I do remember meeting her. When I told Elaine I was from San Diego she quickly told me about others visitors from America’s Finest.  It was like she had a Rolodex implanted in her brain.

Some people say she was rude. She was very kind to this visitor and I even got her to pose for a photo with me.

I better find and post.

She died today in New York City.


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