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Bling without kaching:Days 10-18

December 19, 2010

I wanted to blog about my progress when it comes to eating and working out, as motivation. It’s kinda, sorta working, but not as well as I would like.

There is just too much on my plate, in terms of duties, so there is too much on my plate.

No, that’s an excuse. I’m just too distracted at the moment. I still have time before month’s end to get into better shape.

Now it’s not that I think I’m a mess. I just feel better when I workout every day.

Workout: I walked more than 10 miles this past week. Part of keeping up my paces included window shopping. I spied Reese Witherspoon and Barbra Striesand along the way. That was a bling without kaching moment.

Alas, I did not have the up close and personal time I wanted to have with my exercise DVDs.

Menus: I’m afraid my plate was home to pecan pie, a doughnut or two and too much cheese. I don’t feel bad because of my consumption, I just don’t feel optimal. Everything in moderation. I just wasn’t moderate.

The good news is that by week’s end I was concentrating on the fruits and vegetables I love, including pears, strawberries, sweet potatoes and cherry tomatoes direct from my mother’s garden. Another treat was whole wheat English muffins.

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