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Five sartorial lessons from the Golden Globes red carpet

January 17, 2011
  1. Mother love. I actually loved Helena Bonham Carter for wearing shoes in mismatched colors. I also give her a shout out because she brought along her mother. Coincidentally, we once crossed paths during Oscar season. She was leaving the Four Seasons in Lala, with her mother. I was entering, with my mother. I was taking her to dinner. Helena’s said in the past that her mom has influenced her style sense. Ditto. Although it was completely my idea, years ago, when I bought a pair of black shoes and a pair of purple shoes, in the same style, so I could mismatch them too.
  2. Wearing your heart–and sense of fashion, on your sleeve. I really loved all the action long sleeves got, from Anne Hathaway’s to Angelina Jolie’s. You don’t always have to go bare to be glam.
  3. Being you. Helena, Tilda Swinton and Michelle Williams          may end up on the worst dressed lists for what they wore last night, but they were true to themselves. You are never going to see them ever dressed like everybody else. All I can say is holla. Individuality rules!
  4. Recycling 40s glamour. I loved the 40s glamour of Angelina and Scar Jo. There is something so classic about it. Don’t know what I am talking about? See Dita Von Teese.
  5. Wearing colors. I’m a big fan of black and once vowed to wear it one whole whole year. Yet somehow black seemed drab last night. Loved to see all the pink, coral and red on the red carpet. The preggars and radiant Natalie Portman took the cake, and the Golden Globe. The hues were a reminder that I have to finish the coral dress I started making a few months ago out of remnants.
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