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Starring in Your Own Life Lesson: Jennifer Lopez Soars from Fly Girl to Flying High on “American Idol”

January 19, 2011

Starring in Your Own Life Lesson

A former fly girl is soars.

Star: New “American Idol” judge Jennifer Lopez

Storyline: The tale of turning rejection into resounding success

Location: LaLa

Conflict Point: Getting rejected not once but twice as a Fly Girl on  “In Living Color.”

The Turning Point: J.Lo kept auditioning and three was a charm.

Her Star Turn: Lopez has flipped the script, from video extra to movie and singing star—and now Idol judge.

She was already a movie star, but the first time I saw Jennifer in person I didn’t recognize her until she spoke The next time she had to jog from the paps in her Juicy Couture duds. These days you can’t go a block without seeing a poster featuring Jenny from the block, along with her AI co-stars.  And I’ve got to say that at 41 she’s never looked more fly and her twins are even more beautiful.

Starring in Your Own Life Lesson:

  • Rejection is never fun, but just think, if Jennifer had let it go after getting rejected the first time on “In Living Color,” she would have never gone on to mucho success in film, fashion, fragrances and music. Que bueno.
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