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The Writer’s Speech: Starring in Your Own Life Lesson

February 28, 2011

Starring in Your Own Life Lesson

“My father always told me that I was a late bloomer. I believe I’m the oldest person to win this award.”

Star: 73-year old screenwriter David Seidler

Storyline: A writer finally gets his break after putting his hopes and dreams—along with a script—in a brown paper bag.

Location: Australia

The Turning Point: Placing the script about a stuttering monarch on the door of Geoffrey Rush.

The back story: Way back in the ’70s  David Seidler asked the Queen Mother if it would be alright for him to tell the story of how her husband struggled with speaking.

Seidler himself stuttered  during his childhood and teen years.  So his reason to spread the word was about overcoming stuttering was very personal.

But, he says the Queen Mum told him, basically, not in my lifetime.

“The memory of these events are still too painful,” she said.

So he waited. A really long time.

The Queen Mother died at the age of 101.

Seidler says all the time he spent as a man-in-waiting just made his writing better.

He was in his late 60s and recovering from cancer when rebooted the project as a play.

He went through official channels to get the story produced.

When that failed, an associate left the script, in a brown paper bag, on the doorstep of Oscar-winner Geoffrey Rush’s home.

At first Rush, who was also nominated for an Oscar for playing the king’s speech therapist, was annoyed that Seidler did not go through official  channels.  But once he started reading it, he was hooked.

Colin Firth, winner of an Oscar for his role as the king, says he was surprised the movie turned out to be such a”crowd-pleaser” because it has” no se, ,no violence it’s basically the story of the friendship of two middle-aged men.”

“The King Speech” is also the story of never giving up, even if you have to wrap your hopes and dreams in a brown paper bag.

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