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Workout Wednesday: Five reasons I love to spin

March 9, 2011

Even thought it was more than 10 years ago, I’ll never forget the first time I went spinning. That’s because I couldn’t walk the next day.

The gym, now long gone, used to be on La Cienega in Los Angeles. I was a visitor,  from either San Diego or Washington D.C., and I was always amused by the Hollywoodness of it all.

There were the prerequisite luminaries in attendance, including designer Marc Jacobs and actor Barry Botstwick. It was not unusual to see my fellow gym rats wearing sunglasses and Doc Martens. That was just part of the pre-show.

But my favorite part was the actual workout. Really.


  1. You sweat. A lot. I’ve never had a workout  so intense it makes you delirious. Be sure to bring water.
  2. You dance on your bike. The choreography makes it more fun than straight bicycle riding. I could never stay still in the seat of a regular stationary bike.
  3. The work out does not make you thinner, it makes you stronger. It seems as if I can see my muscles expanding after every session. While I don’t want to be the Hulk, I love feeling strong.
  4. It’s low impact. I made a vow, when I first started going to gyms, that I would not do anything high impact. I am too tall for it and my knees would revolt.  Spinning manages to be both low impact and high intensity.
  5. There is an after glow. When you leave the gym, I’ll guarantee that you will leave with a smile. That is once you get over your beginner soreness.

If you are a spin newbie, be sure to tell your instructor. Peep the video for other tips for first-timers.

What’s on your exercise menu? Is it making you shine?

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