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Green Ombre Nails Mean What About Me?

June 23, 2011

A green ombre theme was my inspiration when painted my nails earlier this week–a reminder of the power of money.

It was my first foray into ombre land.  I mixed MAC  and dollar polishes with impunity. I’ll have to do it again for no other reason than it brought some color and bling into my life.

How I did it

I used a different color for every nail. Actually my pinkie was painted a deep blue and used one coat of light green. I unified every digit with green sparkle, which I used as a top coat.

The week is almost over and my nails are as shiny as they were Sunday when I got my “nails did.”

And what does the color of  your nails say about you? Hint: Pink is for bombshells. Okay, that’s coming up next week because I’m multi-faceted.

What’s on your nails? Is the color making you shine?

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