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That’s a [Bahn Trang] Veggie Wrap

July 14, 2011

I bought  some Bahn Trang, or rice paper wrappers, a few months ago after discovering them during an online search.

They may not be nutritional juggernauts, but they are non-fat and low calorie.

While I’m generally fearless in the kitchen, I kvetched about what filling I would use.

Well now that I’m focusing on eating more veggies this month, I though it was a natural for me to break them out.

Break may be the operative word. The wraps are delicate, so handle with care.

How to Handle Bahn Trang

  • To prep them, you simply dunk them in a bowl of warm, not hot, water. When the wrapper  becomes translucent, it’s ready.
  • Place it on a clean, dry towel.
  • Dab on your filling. Veggies should dominate. Raw carrots, sauteed mushrooms and cooked noodles are a good choice. You can also add meat or tofu.
  • Roll it up in the same fashion you would roll up a burrito.
  • Get your dipping sauce ready. For mine, I mix up a bit of fresh ginger with rice vinegar and Bragg Liquid Aminos, a soy sauce substitute that has no chemicals, no artificial coloring, no alcohol, no preservatives and no gluten.
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