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August 2, 2011

I’ve been pretty independent all my life.

My Ma says that she would leave me alone in my crib. When she returned to check on me, she would find me cooing. She says that’s even how I would wake up in the morning.

So I guess it’s not surprising that I am comfortable on my own.

Travel to Europe solo. Check.

Travel to Africa solo. Check.

Travel the USA solo. Check.

Write a book solo. Check.

Go to a fancy places for dinner alone. Check.

But there is at least one thing  (okay there are other things) I really like to do in a crowd. That would be working out. I’ve joined in the fun everywhere from Paris to Portland–from South Beach to Stockholm.

Alas, as I do my best to lower my own debt ceiling, I’ve had to say goodbye to my favorite gym.

About a year ago I turned to workout DVDs. But try as I might, I’ve had trouble being consistent. No excuses, right. But for the last year I’ve been moving around a lot. That was then, and now I’ve been faithful this summer. I’ve been rewarded with, as Popeye would say, “musskulz.”

I never really believed that exercise DVDs worked. But boy do they. For one thing, you get the expertise of  the best of the best teachers. And when I look back on the days when I went to the gym everyday, I realize that many instructors were not experts. They were teaching classes in the p.m. and working their real jobs in the a.m.

I immediately noticed that  shorter workouts can be twice as effective. Another surprise is that you don’t need the expensive weight machines. I use mostly resistance bands, a playground ball and light weights.   For cardio, I do use a spin bike, that was collecting dust for years, that is until I got a spin DVD.

I’ve also become very partial to barre workouts, because I’ve seen just how effective they are. I’m also a sucker for a low impact workouts.

So let the workouts begin.

My solo DVD workouts have meant that I’ve lost inches and gained muscles. Care to join me, as Bring the Bling Month with Workout DVDs begins?

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