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Who is the most stylish of them all? Fashion’s Night Out, Maria Shriver and Me

September 9, 2011

Balenciaga, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Phillip Lim, Alberta Feretti. Marc Jacobs. Yeah, yeah. They were all a part of LA’s version of Fashion’s Night Out. But for my money, the person who had the most style last night was Maria Shriver and I can’t even tell you who designed the white dress she was wearing.

Maria Shriver and Lena Nozizwe in front of Diane von Furstenberg-LA during Fashion's Night Out

But there she was, supporting her daughter, Katherine, who hosted an event at Diane von Furstenberg’s shop on Melrose Avenue. The benefit was for Best Buddies International an organization that fosters friendships between the abled and disabled. It’s certainly not a new cause for the Shriver family.

Moments after I spotted Maria waiting for her car to leave, Katherine’s father, Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived.   Before you could say awkward, Arnold walked up to Maria and greeted her before entering DVF’s shop. No one had to wait to exhale.

It was all done with more than a modicum of class, especially on Maria’s part, but I have to give props to both parents for supporting their daughter, in spite of what’s been going on in their relationship. They acted like grownups who for the night, put their daughter first.

If only such behavior became more fashionable.

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