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Five Lessons Learned at Vogue Knitting Live

September 28, 2011

Vogue Knitting Live runway fashion show

My giddy excitement over getting  cleanfree needles made me realize just how much of an addict I’ve become.

And then there’s my stash. Don’t touch my stash now.

Of course the needles are of the knitting variety and my stash is an amalgam of mohair, wool and even acrylic.

Lena Nozizwe with fellow knitter Deborah Norville

Knitting takes the edges off and it was a joy to share my compulsion with other knitters this past weekend at Vogue Knitting Live.

I ran into everyone from an old high school friend to Deborah Norville  and Vickie Howell.

I started knitting as a kid. My South African-born mother encouraged my siblings and me to knit bandages for patients with leprosy
in Africa.
Then in eighth grade I designed, crocheted and then sold crocheted vests to classmates. Thank you Mrs. Mildred Pearson for patiently teaching me how to crochet.

My needles, of all varieties, sat silent for years, only to be picked up about  five years ago. Faster than you can say novelty yarn, I knitted a neck wrap reminiscent of one of my favorite Donna Karan scarves that I lost somewhere in Texas.

Then I started knitting, or perhaps I should say frogging my way back to my yarn –loving roots. Frogging because on my path to design sweaters, I’ve ripped out just as much as I’ve knitted.

In recent months I’ve wanted to delve even deeper into knitting. Vogue Knitting Live provided that opportunity.

Wearing my designs with author Nicky Epstein-Lena Nozizwe

I learned at least five other things at Vogue Knitting Live this past weekend, including:

  1. Nicky Epstein is just as vibrant as her designs. The inspirational story of how she got into knitting is worth a post of its own. I had no idea of who she was when I bought a couple of her books five years ago when I was getting back into knitting. After meeting her, I just want to buy more of whatever she does.
  2.  How to up my knitting game. The folks from Caron yarn set up a lounge to help knitters, stitch by stitch. Patient teachers taught me how to knit with the long tail cast on and how to correctly M1 and SKPO.
  3. Knitters are, as a lot, friendly folk who love cats. Maybe that’s because that’ s where angora yarn comes from.
  4. I am a knit designer. It took the convention to make me realize that for years I’ve been a designing woman. I even had convention goers ask me for the location of my booth. Everything I wore, save my shoes, I made.
  5. I should go to the Vogue Knitting Live next year because there is always more to learn.
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