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How can Kate Winslet’s slimming dress help you look more svelte?

September 30, 2011

Forget about ordering one of those workout infomercial DVDs. You can slim down instantly with Stella McCartney’s miracle dress, seen below on Kate Winslet who really doesn’t need to look any thinner. You may recall that a few years back a men’s magazine Photoshopped her to within an inch or her life.

The Starring in Your Own Life Lesson

The website Racked has a knocked off version of the $1600 dress that goes for $82.  But you don’t have to spend a dime for the so-called miracle dress.

Just pay attention to where you place light and dark on your body. Hint. If you want your waist and hips to recede, wear dark and matte fabrics. If you want your upper body to pop, go  shiny and light.

Also, when it comes to seam lines, curves on your dress will bring more curves to your figure. So it follows that straight lines will make you look like, well,like a box.

You just saved $1,600. Welcome.

Kate Winslet wore Stella McCartney's It dress to the Venice Film Festival earlier this month. In addition to cinching her waist, the dress' sporty top accentuates the actress' athletic shoulders.

See now. You just saved $1,600.



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