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We Can Work it Out: 10 Minute Solution: Day #2 Kettlebell Ultimate Fat Burner

October 2, 2011

My love affair with kettlebells really started after doing “10 Minute Solution: Kettlebell Ultimate Fat Burner”  about a month ago. I love it because the work outs are split up into  easy to digest ten minute chucks. I love it because the instruction is straight forward, not perky. I love straight forward. 

I also rather adore the chaptering. You can choose to do one workout or you can select the sequence of the workouts you do want to do. So, for example, you could do “Upper Body Power Sculpt” and “Accelerated Ab Toner” in the morning and “Maximum Fat Burner and “Thighs & Buns Blaster” at night.

10 Minute Solution - Kettle Bell Fat Bur...

I’ve found with all the DVDs that I have that are divided into sections that they go faster than the ones that run straight through, even when I play every section. Go figure.

Title: 10 Minute Solution: Kettlebell Ultimate Fat Burner

Cast: Michele Olson, Ph.D. 

Time: 5 10-minuted workouts

Tagline: 10 Minute Worksouts to Shape Up Your Body

Music: Nothing out of the ordinary

Cuing: I would have loved more cuing but the sequences are so short that I really can’t complain too much.

Production Values: Nothing distracts from the instruction.

Level: This workout is best for beginners to intermediate levels.

Equipment: A kettlebell or a dumbell.

What It’s Like?:  It’s enjoy this workout because you work up a sweat without a hyped-up instructor. I’ve read complaints about the fact that you can do the workout with or without a kettlebell. I just think that’s one of the benefits. You can get a great workout by using the dusty dumbbell you have hanging around the house doing nothing.

Rating: Four and a half legwarmers out of five


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