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We Can Work it Out: Day #1Bob Harper Kettlebell Basics

October 2, 2011

A Month of Blogging About Workout DVDs?

For the longest I’ve been trying to take a month to do focus on workout DVDs.  I figured if I committed to writing about workouts, I would work out. Alas, it seems that every time I try, something, usually major, comes up. True dat this summer.

That does not mean that I have not been working out. In fact, the more I exercise   I do to the tune of DVDs, the more I appreciate just how effective they are. In fact, I see muscles that I never saw even when I was going to a fancy gym six days a week, taking classes and working free weights and machines.  If I didn’t see the results myself, I would not believe it.

My clothes have become looser and I’ve seen increased tone in my legs, thighs,  arms, booty and abs. My waist measurement is really the only one I care about. Keeping my waist under 27″ –is a matter of healthy vanity. Twenty-six inches would be even better. I can claim that measurement today.

DVDs have been my recession go to way of getting my sweat on.  My home gym includes everything from a playground ball to a set of three-pound weights.

When I was going to a gym I would always try and mix it up with hip hop, kickboxing , step, spin, yoga—and the list goes on.

I like to mix it up at home too.  So this month I’ll share a variety of my home video workouts. This week the focus will be on using weights, starting with kettlebells.

Come the holiday (eating) season, you will thank me.


You Can Ring My Kettlebells

I first stumbled across kettlebells I couldn’t figure out what made the workout unique.. It was not until I tried it that I realized that it’s the whole package. You get cardio and weight training in one fell swoop (pun intended).

Talent:  Kettlebell Basics: Body Shred Workout

Host: Bob Harper

Time: 1 30-minute workout

Tagline: Body Shred Workout

Chaptering: There is just one big fat chapter.

Music:  Nothing memorable or distracting, for that matter.

Cueing: Excellent. He does a great job of giving instructions on form. Something that is very critical because it’s easy to injure yourself while using kettlebells. I’ve strained both my back and wrists  using other DVDs because I was not properly schooled.

Production Values: Nothing stands out as distracting.

Level:  Beginner

Equipment: Kettlebell

Video Vibe: Bob Harper is not as tough in demeanor as he is on “The Biggest Loser.”  The workout is tough enough on its own.

What It’s Like?:I got a good sweat out of the exercise and I appreciate the emphasis on form. However, what’s a plus is also a minus because the instructions interrupt the flow of the workout—one that’s supposed to be cardio at that.

The easy fix would have been to put all the instructions in one chapter and the actual workout in another.

The other consideration is that you have to listen to those instructions during the tenth, twentieth and one hundredth time you complete the workout.

I got this DVD through ebay. After my workout I did some research and found out the DVD comes packaged with a kettlebell. I note that Harper offers longer kettlebell DVDs. Even with the shortcomings of  Kettlebell Basics, I would try them in a heartbeat.

Rating: Four legwarmers out of five

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