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We Can Work it Out: Day #3 The Firm 5 lb Kettlebell Kit

October 4, 2011

The Firm produced the first workout DVD I ever bought. That was several years ago when I was not such a believer in the transformative power of the DVD. I bought it because it was on sale at a discount store and I thought, why not?

In retrospect, I believe that The Firm’s DVDs may not have the props they deserve. You may be able to get them on the cheap, but they provide a solid workout.

Having said that, be forewarned that this DVD does not provide a traditional kettlebell workout. One hint is that the kettlebell is only five pounds. Purists believe that you need heavier weights if you want to get this right.

Pshaw purists.

Try it anyway.

Title: The Firm 5 lb Kettlebell Kit

Star: Kelsie Daniels

Time: There are two workouts on the DVD. One is 45 minutes. The other is 20 minutes.

Tagline:  TransFirm Your Trouble Zones

Music: Nothing out of the ordinary

Cuing: No compliments, no complaints.

Production Values: Nothing distracts from the instruction.

Level: One exerciser shows a less rigorous workout so it’s a workout you can grow with.

Equipment: The kettlebell comes with the kit. As you get stronger you can trade up.

What It’s Like?:  Daniels is in crazy good shape. She’s not super perky, which for me is a good thing.  Be prepared to do a lot of squats. There is also a core workout bonus.

I really enjoy this workout and I wish it were around back in the day when I first started working out. Back in the day, first I would do an aerobics class and then I would lift some weights and then hit machines. With this workout, the aerobics and strength training is wrapped into one sweat session. Multi-tasking is a good thing.

This could become one of my favorite workouts. It’s not too repetitious. You’ll sweat.

The DVD promises to give you visible results in eight workouts.  Don’t be surprised if see results earlier.

Rating: Five legwarmers out of five

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