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We Can Work it Out: Day #5 Winsor Pilates Sculpting Circle Advanced

October 6, 2011

I remember hearing about Pilates waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day. It was the was the preserve of the rich and famous then. Only they could afford to be to tethered and stretched by the Pilates apparatus.

Now the workout is roams among the common man and woman, via mats, bands and balls. Or in the case of Mari Winsor, there is a sculpting circle involved.  It’s designed to bring resistance to your workout. Joesph Pilates himself reportedly created the circle.

So is it time that you get around to trying it?

Title: Winsor Pilates Sculpting Circle Advanced

Star: Mari Winsor

Time: 40 minutes

Tagline:  Sculpt Your Body Slim

Music: You may want to turn the sound down once you get the moves down.

Celebrity Fans: Madonna, Minnie Driver, Sandra Bullock, Vanessa Williams, Jewel, Melanie Griffith, Danny Glover, and Courtney Thorne-Smith

Cuing: Perfect. The reps are not very long so you are not straining to hear the count.

Production Values: Nothing distracts from the instruction.

Level: Mari has back up exercisers who show variations on the theme, from beginner to advance. She frequently cautions about ways to avoid hurting your neck and back.

Equipment: A Pilates Sculpting Circle.

What It’s Like?:  Mari does a great job taking you through the paces. My only complaint is that the pace is not fast enough. With all my kettlebelling I have become accustomed to sweating, I mean perspiring, when I workout. That’s not going to happen with this DVD unless you really have not been working out for a very long time.

A workout for beginners is also included in the mix. I would only recommend it for someone who is a total newbie.

It could be that it’s one of those stealth workouts that kicks you in the badonk the next day. My kettlebell workouts sure ‘nuf did. But then they kicked me in the booty the first time round.

Rating: Three leg warmers out of five

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  1. October 27, 2011 5:16 pm

    Your post is full of great tips and advice to help anyone wanting to improve their health and lose some additional weight. Once again we are in sync with our thinking. I haven’t got the background in this that you do, but I have done a lot of my own research over time to get to where I’m at in my life with my health and fitness goals. Many of your tips are in my life already and the ones that aren’t I will add. Thanks.

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