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We Can Work it Out: Day #9 Essentrics Workout

October 10, 2011

I signed off on cable a few years ago–part of my own personal economic recovery program.

In the void, I started watching educational programming. Much of it with fingerprints of PBS.  These shows teach me about gardening, knitting, painting and cooking.

I also got introduced to Classical Stretch with Miranda Esmonde-White. After my first workout I felt like the Tin Man in “Wizard of Oz,” after his joints were lubricated with a few squirts of oil. The day after my workout I was down right spry..

Even though Miranda, a former ballet dancer, brings a lot of barre and stretching moves to the table, her workout is unique.

I searched online for her DVDs. They went for as much as 80 bucks. That’s trop cher for me.

So I had to keep researching. That’s how I came across Miranda’s daughter, Sahra, She presents a New Jack version of Classical Stretch, one that’s also less expensive, called Essentrics.

This particular DVD is split into upper and lower body workouts.

Title: Essentrics Workout

Host: Sahara Esmonde-White

Time: 2 30-minute workouts

Celebrity Fans: Lily Cole, Vanessa Hudgens and various NHL pros

Music: Nothing extraordinary or irritating.

Cuing: Excellent

Production Values: The set is quite beautiful. Futuristic but not cold.

Level: She has two co-stars, but they all workout at the same level. No moves are excessive. You just have to use your judgment on how far you want to stretch.

Equipment: A chair.

Video Vibe: Her Canadian accent is charming in the intro. The workout is one that you can do day after day because the perk factor is dialed down, the information factor is dialed way up.

What It’s Like?: It’s challenging and relaxing at the same time.

Rating: Five legwarmers out of five

Notes: Athletes and folks with back problems are big fans of this workout. I’m neither, but a fan nonetheless.

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