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We Can Work it Out: Day #15 Belly Yoga

October 21, 2011

I’ll confess that the price of this DVD inspired me to get it. It was on sale at a discount store when I was embarking on my DVD workout journey. This is a gentle mashup of yoga, belly dancing moves and even Pilates. 

Title: Belly Yoga

Star:  Rania

Time: 40 minutes

Equipment:  mat

Cuing:  She explains the moves well. Just wish she didn’t stop and start so much during the routine

Production Values: Just fine.

Video Vibe:You’ll want to pull up a floor pillow and some pita bread and hummus when you finish this DVD. There is definitely a Middle Eastern vibe. I really like her demeanor. She’s matter-of-fact without being brusque. She also has a very womanly figure, meaning she has curves. She is very much in shape. I have curves too, although I’m not as in shape as she is. She’s an inspiration. While your body will get a workout, I wish she pushed even harder. Maybe it’s the breaks. Maybe it’s the moves. Either or, I never feel as if I am pushing myself with this workout.  I like to sweat when I work out. A lot.

Rating: Four  legwarmers out of five

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