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Starring in Your Own Life Lesson: Heart warming story about sweaters for penguins

October 23, 2011

It’s no wonder that penguins routinely turn up on best-dressed lists in the animal world, even though for my tastes they are a bit formal.

Now, I’ve heard of people wearing penguins. As a college student I sold Munsingwear shirts , in the men’s department of an upscale department store, by the armload.

But now penguins are wearing the unique designs of knitters from around the world.

Sadly, An estimated 1,000 seafaring birds  have died because of an oil spill off the coast of New Zealand earlier this month. Countless others, because of the spill,  lost the protective powers of the coats God gave them.

One expert compared their dense feathers to a natural wet suit, that is until the oil spill mucked up the works.

Instead of wringing their hands, knitters from around the world got to making sweaters.

Not everyone agrees with the strategy, but the sweaters are designed to provide temporary  comfort until the little guys and girls are cleaned up.

A Kiwi yarn store that put out the call for sweaters and they have  been overwhelmed with donations.

Starring in Your Own Life Lesson

Under any circumstances this story would make you say awwwww, because penguins, Happy Feet and all, are so cute.

This story also makes you feel good to hear about the generosity and caring of knitters around the world.

They’ve been so generous that yarn store that put out the original call says that  the Wildlife Rescue Centre does not need any more mini-sweaters “but if you have completed one, send it as we have another rescue centre who has requested the surplus once the crisis has abated.”

And if you are in a charitable mood, consider there are other  places to go to share your handiwork.

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