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We Can Work It Out: Day #17 Core Fusion Yoga Energy Flow

November 1, 2011

Yes, I’ll say it again; I am a big fan of the whole Core Fusion series. Somehow it manages to be chill and tough at the same time.  I always feel as if I am getting a good workout, even if the teaches are not as perky or boisterous as the aerobics teacher at your gym.

Title: Core Fusion Yoga Energy Flow

Stars: Elisabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito. The husband and wife team also has background exercisers. Modifed moves are also featured.

Time: 5 10-minute segments

Equipment:  A mat and a couple of yoga blocks

Cuing: Perfect

Production Values: Good

Video Vibe: Unlike most of the other Core Fusion DVDs, this one

Rating: Five  legwarmers out of five

Notes: I’ve read some complaints that the moves are too hard. They are challenging, to be sure. But isn’t that the point? I want to be always challenging myself. I’ve always read that you want to keep your body guessing.

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