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Core Fusion, Tracey Mallet, Kettlebell DVDs: Do they work?

November 6, 2011

Last month my focus was workout DVDs. This from someone who used to think that gyms were the only way to go.  These days my favorite workouts include Core Fusion, Tracey Mallet and 10 Minute Solution Kettlebell.

When I first cutout my expensive gym membership I thought that was it. I was doomed to an unfit life.

Boy did I miss it, more for the mental benefits than anything.

Then my mother said, “Get over yourself and walk.” I did that, but how could I ever replace my machine and class workouts?

DVDs, that’s how. While these days I probably exercise about half as much as I used to, which used to be just about every day, I have to admit that the workouts are twice as effective at a fraction of the price.

So go figure. Well this is what the workouts have done for my figure. At the beginning of last month, while I didn’t weigh or measure myself,I did  try to zip up an old leather pencil skirt.  Before I could not. After I was successful, in spite of eating cheesecake and pizza along the way. Look ma, no Spanx.

Depending on the DVD, you can get a full body workout from the Core Fusion and Tracey Mallet videos. As for kettlebelling, while you’ll see results when it comes to your badonkadonk–expect to see your arms quickly change for the better.

Lena Nozizwe--tha's me--Fitting into a leather skirt, without the benfit of Spanx

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