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Thankful for the Starring in Your Own Life Lesson I learned in Zimbabwe

November 24, 2011

The first day I was in Zimbabwe I heard the term child-headed households.

Child-headed because of AIDS . Quite simply, parents die so then the older siblings are responsible for their grandparents and their younger siblings.

A video photographer and I followed one of those children, Lineah Mazambuka, back to her village as she brought food home to her family. Of course I  helped, but she regularly provided food with money she earned from selling mushrooms.

I wish you could have seen the joy in Lineah’s face as she walked to her grandmother’s hut. Some people would see it as such a burden, but she was so happy. When we went into the hut I opened the only cupboard. You can see it in the photo below. There was absolutely no food–even though there were eight folks in residence.

One of them was an  adorable little girl. I watched as Lineah cooked the food over an open fire. After she was finished, she served it to her family, including this beautiful girl.

But before she dug in, my little friend  put her little hands over her eyes and said a prayer of thanks.

With that gesture, she taught me so much. She may have not had much, not even shoes, but she had so much gratitude.

It’s a Thanksgiving story I’ll never forget, especially those times I forget to be grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving

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