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Anna Wintour may have a big fat September issue, Diana Vreeland now has a place on Rodeo Drive’s Walk of Style

September 10, 2012
Would Diana approve of the fit of the security guard’s suit?
The movie, “The Devil Wears Prada,” is not about her.
She did not give birth to a September issue that weighs a  just little less than the models inside.
And from what I have heard, she never went nuclear.
If you have not heard if Diana Vreeland, it’s time that you did.
Especially now that she has been inducted into Rodeo Drive’s Walk of Style.

Tim Vreeland, James Galanos, Fred Haymon and Peggy Moffitt
Lena Nozizwe copyright 2012

It was Diana, not Anna Wintour, that got me, an awkward and unfashionable prepubescent nerd, to read Vogue. Not so much for the fashion but for the culture she presented in the pages of the glossy fashion magazine.
Yet today I had to explain to a kindly couple, visiting Beverly Hills from Michigan, about exactly who she was. More discouraging was an aspiring fashion journalist/student who told me about her desire to be writer for Vogue. When I asked her what she thought about  Diana, she drew a look blanker than a ’60s model.
How could they not know the woman who once said,”I adore pink!  It’s the navy blue of India. “
Fashion royalty, including  Rodeo Drive’s godfather Fred Hayman (Whom I interviewed years ago for a piece for Associated Press Radio.) , model and muse Peggy Moffitt (Who I asked what she thought about Lady Gaga’s style. The look in her eye suggested it was an inopportune question. Truth be told I prefer Moffit’s style over that of  the Little Monster mistress. )  and, California couturier James Galanos (I asked him who was his favorite designer. He responded that there were just too many to reveal while standing on  a street corner in Beverly Hills, even if it’s Rodeo Drive.) all came to honor her today during the Walk of Fashion ceremony.

Peggy Moffitt leaving the ceremonies marking Diana Vreeland’s inclusion in Rodeo Drive’s Walk of Style Lena Nozizwe copyright 2012

For my cheddah, the distinctive former Vogue and Bazaar editor, and star of the documentary “Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel,” so belongs in the pantheon of fashionistas.
 Rodeo Drive’s Walk of Style will do for now.

Would Diana approve of the fit of the  security guard’s suit?

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