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Starring in Your Own Life Lesson: The Inspirational Story Behind Viral Video Sensation PSY and Gangnam Style

September 12, 2012
You would  think that you would be washed up as a rapper at age 35.
Especially after you had been at it for 10 years.
Instead PSY, aka Jae-Sang Park, is the biggest Korean export since kimchee.
The Kpop viral video sensation:
  • has more than 149 million views of his YouTube video with his party anthem “Gangnam Style,” making it the most popular video of the week. Take that Justin Bieber.
  • ranks at the top of iTunes’ music videos. Take that Taylor Swift.
  • just signed with Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Brown. Take that wannabe Justin Biebers
He is on track to become the world’s biggest Korean rapper, yo, thanks to the cut off of his sixth album. Imagine if he had quit at five.
PSY also has ed cred, thanks to schooling at the prestigious ivory towers of Berklee School of Music and  Boston University. So it’s not all about blue and black tuxes.
But it’s not his education that made Katy Perry tweet  on him or make Britney Spears try to go all gangnam- on “The Ellen Show” or make TMZ’s Harvey Levin lose his mind and try to follow PSY’s moves. Stick to the law and reality shows, Harvey.
“Gangnam Style” denotes, for all the uninitiated,  a life more opulently lived. Think Beverly Hills with Seoul.  It’s all about the 
won baby.
PSY clearly lampoons the nouveau riche with his song, but with at the rate his star is shooting the joke may be on him.
Dreams can come true at any age, even with a Korean accent. Come to think of it, the song is in Korean.
PSY has been invited to appear on “The Today Show” this Friday. The last time he was there, he was a visitor. This time, he will be featured as part of Toyota’s Concert Series.
How do you say “Shine on” in Korean? It’s ON 샤인, yo.
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