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Starring in Your Own Life’s: Top 5 ” Videos That Celebrate “Gangnam Style” That You May Not Have Already Seen

September 14, 2012
Lord knows that I needed some laughs this week. Can you relate?
That’s why I enjoyed “Gangnam Style” so much, not to mention the story behind PSY.
The same morning I wrote my original post about “Gangnam Style,”  I was talking with my mother on the phone. She is not into the internet, or the “cobweb,” as she calls it, so she had not read my blog. However she did want to tell me about “Gangnam Style.” She even told me about her own Seoul-ful moves. She’s always so on trend.
That brings me to my top five picks for favorite videos that celebrate the video.
1. Behind-the-Scenes of The Making of “Gangnam Style”
PSY, the cast and crew laugh so much during this behind-the-scenes look at the making of “Gangnam Style” that you can’t stop laughing too.
2. The Oregon Duck “Gangnam Style”
You have not lived until you have seen mascots do it “Gangnam Style.” Watching it just makes me long to see a Oregon Duck, San Diego Chicken throw down.
3. “Gangnam Style,” with a North Korean Flava, Yo
“Pyongyang Style” is so much more rigid than “Gangnam Style.” Just wish I could see Kim Jong Un riding that invisible pony.
4. Norway Gets Seoul
It really is a small world after all. During a couple of visits to Scandinavia, I was stuck by several cultural mashups. These Norwegian cousins managed to mix their roots with South Korea and I especially love seeing city and country scenes.
5. “Gangnum Style” with Lumpia on the Side
This video features  Filipino  stars, including Eric Tai.   What I love best are the street scenes, from the food stalls to the horse and buggy.
Honorable Mention
Ohio Playas Get Their Gangnam On
I love this video because of its sweetness. These Ohio players just shot their parody video around the neighborhood, not in any fancy horse stables or speed boats. Sort of the anti-gangnam.
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