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Achieve Your Food and Fitness Resolutions With High Tech Freebies: Lose It!

December 24, 2012

It is no surprise the Journal of Clinical Psychology reports that losing weight is at the top of the  list when it comes to New Year’s resolutions we will be making this 2013. So as we eat, love and pray our way to the end of the year,  I will share high tech FREE options to help you with your resolutions.

This weekend I stumbled across Lose It! while searching for a ballet workout DVD.  A New York Post journalist tried Lose It! with success, so I thought I would investigate.

The interface is breathtakingly easy, although then again since it’s a health website, maybe you want to be out of breath.

I am old school and simply use my computer to navigate, but you can also hook up with your smart phone.

Premium services are also available that offer more detailed tracking and options, including  competing with your friends to lose weight.

My only suggestion is that I wish Lose It! would include a way to track your measurements, seeings how I really don’t care how much I weigh. Even at that, the only measurement that I really care about is my waist. It is part vanity and part health. The vanity part means I must fit into this black leather skirt, that I modeled for you  last year.


My over exuberant appreciation of my cooking and baking skills and not enough working out means that it’s back to my workout DVDs until I poss again.  As for the health part, researchers say if your waist starts inching towards 40, you may be  well on your way to diabetes and heart disease. Not pretty.

I am loving Lose It! because the site quickly adds everything that I eat during the day and then subtracts the calories lost during exercise. Even though I have had numerous calorie and exercise charts over the years, I quite love the quick math this site offers.

It turns out, at least on day one, I came in under my suggested calorie count, in spite of indulging in my homemade oatmeal raisin cookies thanks to a round of kickboxing and spinning. Sweet.

Coming up tomorrow more tech suggestions so there will be less of you in 2013.

Shine on,

Lena Nozizwe

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