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Achieve Your Food and Fitness Resolutions With High Tech Freebies:

December 26, 2012

Trust me, I am not upset that my high tech food and workout trackers indicated that I inhaled more than a 1,000 extra calories on Christmas Day. I knew that I was going buck wild, or should I say beef wild and that there would be consequences.

By request, I made BBQ ribs. I don’t want the beef industry coming after me, but the truth is ribs are not something in my normal rotation, so I had to try them to make sure they were good. They were. Okay, there was no need for me to have three servings. That almost single-handedly led to my caloric demise.

The reason that I am not upset is that the tracking really made me conscious of my food choices. Normally I eschew chewing meat, especially beef. I think I have eaten it maybe three times this whole year. Every single time it was because of a request. Next time, I’ll just say yes to cooking it and no to partaking of it.

That brings me to today’s high tech freebie that will help you achieve your food and fitness resolutions.

It is and just like the and, the site will allow you to track what you eat and how many calories you are burning.

One feature I really like about this site is that the interface allows you to track inches, because for me it’s all about the measurements.  You can also commiserate and congratulate the community of other health seekers, which is pretty much a standard feature on this type of site.

And while it ‘s all free, just think about all you will gain by losing.

Shine on,

Lena Nozizwe

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