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Was Beyonce’s Super Bowl Performance Too SeXXXXy?

February 4, 2013
I got called out in an email  for saying that Bey killed it at the Super Bowl with the following email.
 “Are we showing all those youngsters that happen to be watching the SB with daddy or family that you can be really successful if you strip and dance and smile?”

It’s funny, I still think she killed it, but I agree with the thoughtful woman who called me out.

About Beyonce and the sexxxy thing.  As I watched the performance I  actually flashed back to Elvis and the controversy about his pelvis and thought how far we have come–or have we?
For me, and I know I don’t speak for the dudes in the audience, the scantily clad thing didn’t make me say she killed it because any stripper can do that. I was more impressed by the performance and special SFX.
And when I think about it Madonna’s performance last year, no sexual wallflower, was more athletic than sexual. Not to mention that her costume was less revealing.
But let’s go back to  Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake’s (strangely Justin is rarely mentioned as being a part of this) intentional wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl.
It was at once reviled and the most  searched video online. So we hate it so much we are going to have to see again. And then again, go to any  game these days or concert and you will find lotsa drinking and plenty of flashing and even violence.
Without prompting, and after I wrote the first draft of this post, my mother weighed in. She loved the performance, but the costume and gyrations, not so much. “All she needed was a stripper pole,” she said. Hey, I didn’t even know my mother was familiar with stirpper poles.
While I confess that I have a sweet spot for Beyonce after meeting her backstage at the Oscars a few years back, I think this sexing it up for the halftime show thing is kind of like eating sugar.
We really don’t need so much but, when you eat more, you want more and it comes to a point that you don’t even taste it. It’s no excuse, it just means that we are drinking the Kool-Aid, including me. And it’s not sugar-free.
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