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Mom, Me-tm: An Enduring Love Story

May 12, 2013
Reviewing all the pix I have of my mother reminds me of all the happy times we shared.
We first met in a room in Malawi, Africa. There was a midwife in that room, along with a chair with a hole in the middle of it. That’s about it, which was a bit of a problem because my umbilical cord was tied twice around my neck. The midwife handled it, but then there was another problem. I didn’t cry. They had to splash me with cold water to get a reaction My brothers might say that after that I never shut up.. So it began, a mother and daughter love story. My mother has always been my inspiration–from orphan to Ph.D. and bestselling author and popular speaker. She is even more inspiring in private.
If I had gone to a mom store to pick out a mom, I could not have done better. She tells me when I am wrong and applauds me when I get it right. We always talk, whether I’m calling her from Paris or Portland, New York or Nairobi, Dublin or Des Moines–I always look forward to our conversations.
Amai smiling
Life has it’s challenges. Life has it’s ups and downs. Life has it’s uncertainties. Not when it comes to Mom.  Thank you for everything Mother. Loves ya.
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