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Unraveling The Mystery of Amy’s Baking Company: Did She Bake The Cake?

May 15, 2013

A lot of secrets are  coming out about Amy Bouzaglo,, as in Amy’s Baking Company, after the airing of the episode  of “Kitchen Nightmares” that featured the Scottsdale, AZ, restaurant.

There is the felony record.

The purloined photos.

Will I have one for you. I  strongly suspect  Amy did not bake the pastries featured on the show.

And here’s why.

  • It takes a lot of technical skill to be a pastry chef. A lot. Amy has difficulty serving a pizza without the dough being raw.
  • I don’t see her getting up at 4.a.m. every morning, the time bakers usually get to work, to make the goodies that were featured on the episode. That’s especially considering that both she and her husband take off days and close the place down at will. That’s incongruous with the discipline it takes to be a baker.
  • It could have been just the way the segment was shot, but I did not see any evidence of any of the utensils and equipment it takes to bake on the scale that was showcased on the show.

  • She would post photos of what she makes. I routinely post photos of the things I make. I have seen some of the photos “borrowed” without my knowledge and I’m just a blogger/author/broadcaster. You best believe if I had a restaurant I would be posting the food I made, and not featuring pix from websites as varied as Livestrong’s and Martha Stewart’s.

That, I suspect, is why Amy has been so sensitive.

If I am wrong Amy, and it’s okay if you call me a moron, I dare you to bake, on camera, something for Gordon.

Just leave out the arsenic.

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